Sunday, October 5, 2014

Release Note for

I have just submitted a new release to Windows Store. it will take a few days to go through the certification process. I have tested the package locally, so I am confident that it will pass and be shipped to the store shortly after that.

The following are the highlights of this release:

1.  fixed a bug on initial loading, when you installed the app for the first time, you should have a module loaded to the app, but in the previous release, a bug was introduced. with the bug, when you first installed the app, there is no module loaded for you. However, you can download many modules including the module that supposed to ne loaded for you by default. with the fix in place, not only you  get the default module back when you first install the app, it also load the default module for you if you do not have any module in your app.

2. Notification Hub setting is now configurable. with this effort, I completed the migration from the hub created under MSDN subscription to a paid subscription in Microsoft Azure.

3. I made a few architecture changes by converting some components from Windows Store components to Portable Class Library ( PCL) components. this is part of the effort of providing the app in Windows Phone store.   

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Release Note for and Back to School promotion

I have a announcement to make, Spelling Champion has passed the store's verification and released to the market now.

the only feature of  this release is Supporting French as native language. with this new feature, I am able to list Spelling Champion to French speaking markets.  the goal is to make this app available to many more students.

In conjunction with the release, I also created a promotion for Back to School, the app will be sold at $2.09 during the promotion period.


Monday, September 1, 2014

news update on new semester

Most students are back to school and have started new semester by now.

Spelling Champion has prepared some goodies for you .The first one is a short module titled with Frequently Misspelled Words". it was taken from a spelling bee class my daughter is attending. I did it to facilitate her practice, I made it available for download with the hope you also can be benefited from it.
The second one is a preview announcement on French support as native language. I have made effort to let Spelling Champion support French support as native language. it is in about to be submitted pending final language approval from a French teacher.
The last but not the least. I have started effort in porting Spelling Champion to Windows Phone 8.1 and iPad, Stay in tune, once the app is made available in these platform, I will let you know.

From Spelling Champion


Monday, April 28, 2014

News letter on 3 month mark since Spelling Champion was first released

Since Spelling Champion was first release on Jan 29th, I have made 4 more releases. The app is now loaded with more features and is a very user friendly app.

up to today, the app  have received downloads from the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom

 with the majority of the downloads from the US market. 

the app received 5 stars or 4 stars rating from the market. the general feedback is if this app were in iOS platform, it will be adopted much more in the market.

I have decided to jump in to iOS development and made investment in the development plan in iOS platform after the 2 months of un-success attempt of looking for business partner to port the app to iPad.

Right now, I have been spending late nights and weekends on my Mac book Pro and X Code learning iOS app development. Hopefully, I will be able to release Spelling Champion in iPad soon..

Thank you all for your support! your adoption is the best motivation keeping me going.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spelling Champion is in store now

Last weekend, I was pleased to present Spelling Champion to a group of loving mothers in Dublin area. During the presentation, I discovered a bug in the app.  With this bug in place, when there is no internet connection, the app will offer an exception message and then function as pre-normal.
This does not affect the usage of the app, but it does negatively impact the overall experience with the app.

Upon returning home, I rushed to my computer. After a few hours of working, I figured out the root cause of the problem and fixed it. Before went to bed on Saturday night, I made an submission for a new release.

This submission also update the server name to the new server address, with this change, I have completed Azure migration for the server.

Besides, I also updated the promotional images I got from my graphic designer, Chris Wang.

This morning, I realized that the submission is certified my the store and it is. Now in the store. The new version number is

Enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spelling Champion 1..2.2.7 is in store now

This morning, I found that my submission has passed Microsoft certification and it is in store now. ( In this release, I incorporated a new set of logos designed by the talented Graphics Designer from Singapore, Chris Wang. The new set of logo is much beautiful and works well with Windows Tiles design.

The second change is Windows 8 "Share". First of all, you can share the screenshot or the app list URL to any app that was designed to be the target of the Windrows Share. Microsoft Mail is one of them. to list a few, FaceBook, Twitter, Fresh Paint, OneNote are some other share targets you can choose. In this Release, I add a sharing feature in Modules page, for you to share your Spelling Champion experience with your friends. On the Lesson page, upon completion of your lesson, you can share your practices report with other apps. the common usage of that could be sending your practice result to your parents or your teacher.

The is a small change on the lesson page as well, based on the feedback, I enlarged the font size of the hint text.

Finally, I discovered and fixed a bug related to app license. the bug only surfaces in debug mode, when it is in release mode, the app works as it should. Since it is a bug, I just fix it.

This release also establish a good foundation for orientation changes of the app. With this release, I will be able to work on all pages to make them response to the orientation changes of your device to have better user experience with the app when the app is installed on a tablet device like Surface.

As always, if you have some suggestions comments on the app, please feel free to drop me a note, I will look into it whenever my schedule allows.

thank you for your support, let's keep Spelling Champion move on...

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spelling Champion received "Editor's pick" award from

Hi, All,

I am pleased to announce that Spelling Champion received  "Editor's pick" award from

The following is the email I received from


Your app "Spelling Champion" has been tested and rated by the Feel free to use Editor's pick award on your web page to show your visitors how highly we value your app.


Your app:

Best Regards,
Eric Manco

Coincidentally, Spelling Champion is also listed in Great Windows Apps

click on here for detail.

Thank you for your support!